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Innovative, Trustworthy, Creative

EmotionWay Company is an innovative audiovisual, film, 3D, and video game production company based in Belgium. Founded by Thomas Callens and Thomas Latour, the company’s objective is to redefine the audiovisual industry by promoting human fulfillment and fostering relationships characterized by kindness.

EmotionWay Company transcends the traditional notion of a production company, becoming a pillar of professional support, a catalyst for artistic ambition, and a hallmark of trust. Embodying a spirit of creativity and innovation, EmotionWay Company positions itself as a partner of choice for all stakeholders eager to realize their projects.

Our vision

Passion, Ambition, Inspiration

At EmotionWay Company, our philosophy is defined by three key values:

passion, ambition, and inspiration.

Passion fuels our actions,
ambition guides our pursuit of excellence, and
inspiration is what we aim to embody for our partners, collaborators, and audience.

Together, these values shape our company into a bold, creative, and forward-looking entity,
determined to make a significant difference in the audiovisual industry.


A predestined collaboration

Born out of a shared passion for the world of audiovisual, the collaboration between Thomas Callens and Thomas Latour was a given. It was only natural that the EmotionWay Company was set up, the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the ambition that lies within them and their respective teams.

  • Thomas Callens
    Founder - General director
  • Thomas Latour
    Founder - Artistic Director
  • Marie Luyckx
    Assistant 3D director
  • Nel Iglesias
    Production Assistant